Meet the Team

The Anchor Orthodontics team is warm, welcoming, and experts at giving you the dream smile you've always wanted!

Hey, there!

One of the first things our patients notice when they walk through the doors of Anchor Orthodontics is how amazing and fluid our team is. We enjoy what we do, love working with each other, and everyone shows respect and gratitude on a daily basis. We’re truly a work family!

Dr. Courtney Lavigne


Dr. Lavigne is a board-certified orthodontist with expertise in aligning teeth and addressing complex dental needs like implants, crowns, and TMJ issues. She lectures nationally and internationally on these topics, emphasizing early intervention for children with sleep or breathing concerns. Originally from Rhode Island, she is passionate about improving overall health through orthodontic care and enjoys skiing and spending time with her family.

Arianna S.

Treatment Coordinator

Arianna graduated from MCPHS in 2010 and worked as a Dental Hygienist for 13 years in Rhode Island & Mass. At Anchor, she enjoys meeting new patients, helping them achieve their smile goals, and collaborating with her fantastic team. In her free time, Arianna loves being with her fiancé, Gary, and their dog, Romeo, especially during Rhode Island summers. She's passionate about horseback riding, grilling, beach days, and exploring new places.

Melissa M.

Orthodontic Assistant

With over 20 years of experience, Melissa brings valuable expertise to our practice. Her Anchor colleagues are like family, creating a supportive work environment. Outside work, she's a devoted mother of three, with a lively home full of three dogs and five cats. She loves heavy metal music, has a fascination with skeletons, enjoys autumn, and relishes a slice of pizza.

Erin C.

Financial and Scheduling Coordinator

Orthodontics has been Erin's passion since 2002. She has managed to juggle this fulfilling career with raising two active teenagers, which is her daily adventure! On weekends, you can find Erin on the water, embracing her love of boating with her two French bulldogs, Fiona and Gus, by her side. She's a country music enthusiast, which adds rhythm to her life!

Chelsea A.

Director of Community Outreach

Chelsea brings a diverse background in project management, administration, HR, and hospitality to our team. What she loves most about Anchor is our unwavering, honest approach to patient care and uplifting, supportive culture. Outside work, she's a culinary enthusiast, a proud fur-mom, and enjoys music, crocheting, bread-making, and yoga. Music has always held a special place in her heart, from Blues to Beyonce, and she has performed as the lead vocalist in various bands over the years.

Jess J.

Orthodontic Assistant

Jess brings over 13 years of experience as a certified General Dental Assistant to Anchor Orthodontics. She was Dr. Lavigne's assistant 14 years ago when they were fresh out of school! She loves working at Anchor and feels lucky to work alongside such an amazing crew. She cherishes family time with her amazing little girl, awesome husband, and two elderly rescue bunnies. She enjoys nature walks, the ocean, crafting, and simple moments with her family.